Interesting Facts About Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse also known as occultation is a phenomenal occurrence that happens on earth when the moon rotates in its orbit between the sun and earth. As viewed from the earth, the size of the sun and the moon is almost the same, thus the moon blocks the rays from the sun from getting to the earth. During the solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon is apportioned into 2 parts the Penumbra(lighter)and the umbra(dark).


There are various types of Solar eclipse you should know:


a)Total Solar Eclipse

This is when the dark disk of the moon completely covers the rays from the sun but leaves a very faint ring of sunlight.


b)Annular Eclipse


This happens when the sun and the moon are exactly in line but either the distance between the moon and the earth is longer or the sun is closer to planet earth. When this happens, the moon tends to be smaller compared to the sun, therefore, a very bright ring known as the annulus is viewed around the moon.


c)The Partial Eclipse


This is the natural condition when the Moon is not completely lining up with the sun. Here, the moon partially blocks the rays from the sun from getting to our planet earth.


All that discussed, let us talk about the Interesting Facts About Solar Eclipse:


1)Planets present during a solar eclipse are viewed as light points.


2)Every year, there are around 2-5 solar eclipses that take place. This is where the different types of solar eclipse come in.


3)The type of solar eclipse known as the Total solar eclipse is very rare. This means it happens at least once in 18 months.


4)There is a very rare type of solar eclipse referred to as hybrid eclipse. It shifts between annular and total eclipses depending on your point of viewing on earth.


5)The maximum width of the path of totality is approximately 269km.


6)Saros cycle is when identical eclipses occur after 18 yrs and 11 days.


7)The moon moves at a speed of approximately 1398 miles per hour when moving across the sun.


8)You can view a total solar eclipse for at least seven minutes and some seconds(30 secs).


9)Partial solar eclipse can be viewed from the south or north pole.


The above are some of the interesting facts about the solar eclipse. If you want to know more about the sun, read on information on solar panels for your home